Evaluome - Evaluation of metrics

Welcome to the website of the Evaluome web service for the evaluation of metrics. In this site you will find all the information needed to use Evaluome for evaluating the reliability of your own metrics and the measurements done on your own datasets by analysing the stability and goodness of the classifications of such metrics. The method takes the measurements of the metrics for the dataset and evaluates the reliability in terms of stability and goodness of their classifications. Furthermore, in this page we also offer an online interface to test the service.

Online interface

How to use this interface (See help on the method):
  1. Select the input data, by either uploading a CSV file or selecting one of the examples provided in the selector (Help on input data)
  2. Input your email address if you wish to get the results by email, otherwise the files will be downloaded through the browser.
  3. Determine which outputs you wish. By default both the output tables and images are generated.
  4. Select the number of clusters to create in the range 2..15.




Range of number of clusters (K range):

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